Tudor Furniture

Tudor Furniture

A selection of 1/12th scale furniture suitable for Medieval, Tudor and Gothic miniature settings. Many pieces are  bespoke miniatures, handcrafted miniatures and one of a kind items.

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Wooden Chest - large

Product no.: GBWTl

£25.00 *
In stock

New Rustic Table and Shelves

Product no.: GBDT&S

£22.00 *
In stock

Church Pew

Product no.: EVO7a

£7.95 *
In stock

New Distressed Table - large

Product no.: GBDTl

£15.00 *
In stock

Crate 1

Product no.: GBC1

£5.95 *
In stock

Crate 2

Product no.: GBC2

In stock

New Rustic Rectangular WorkTable

Product no.: GBRWT1

£10.95 *
In stock
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