The Laboratory

The Laboratory

The Laboratory

A selection on 1/12th scale miniature items suitable for including  in a scientific laboratory scene or similar miniature setting.  In this section you will find both handcrafted items and imported glassware, and other relevant miniatures.

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Glass Exchanger

Product no.: LAB5

£7.75 *
In stock

Conical Laboratory Flask

Product no.: LAB4

£3.50 *
In stock

Laboratory Flask with Curved Neck

Product no.: LAB1

£3.95 *
In stock

Glass Jug (Pyrex type)

Product no.: KA301

£1.45 *
In stock

Book with illustrated pages JOIT

Product no.: GBLBZZjoit

£3.00 *
In stock

Kitchen/Shop Work Table

Product no.: EF1

£20.00 *
In stock
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