Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories

In this section there you will find a comprehensive range of all things related to the Dolls House fireplace.

Fire Grates, Fire Tools, Fire Dogs, Fire Backs, Spits, Chimney Cranes, Cauldrons, Kettles, Trivets.

In fact everything that you could possibly want to create a cosy fireside setting in miniature

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16th Century Fireback

Product no.: SC67

£4.90 *
In stock

Rose and Crown Fireback

Product no.: SC68

£4.35 *
In stock

Scroll Fireback

Product no.: SC69

£4.70 *
In stock

A pair of Firedogs - medium

Product no.: SC71

£6.25 *
In stock


Product no.: SC65

£1.40 *
In stock

Long Handled Frying Pan

Product no.: SC79

£4.45 *
In stock

Bread Oven

Product no.: SC83

£27.70 *
In stock

Firebox for Bread Oven

Product no.: SC82

£19.95 *
In stock

Firebox Door

Product no.: SC99

£3.50 *
In stock

Fireback - Resin

Product no.: FPG028

£4.95 *
In stock

Brass Rod, Brackets & 2 Hooks

Product no.: SC76

£3.45 *
In stock


Product no.: SC103

£2.80 *
In stock

Grain of Wheat bulb on 200mm wires & plug

Product no.: 5204a

£2.35 *
In stock

Fire Guard with washing - long

Product no.: LBFGcl

£7.95 *
In stock

Ash Screen - painted

Product no.: A4

£5.45 *
In stock

Fire Guard with Washing - small

Product no.: LBFGcs

£4.95 *
In stock

New Log Stack 1

Product no.: GBLSt1

£3.95 *
In stock

Metal Fireplace Canopy

Product no.: MFC

£4.99 *
In stock

Fire guard with Washing - medium

Product no.: LBFGcm

£6.50 *
In stock

Bowl Type Electric Fire Kit

Product no.: DH108

£3.00 *
 Original price £4.00
You save 25 %
In stock

Parabolic Electric Heater Kit

Product no.: DH107

£4.00 *
 Original price £6.60
You save 39 %
In stock

Replacement LED Battery CR1632

Product no.: CR1632

£0.60 *
In stock

Replacement LED Battery CR927

Product no.: CR927

£0.60 *
In stock

Brass Fire Fender

Product no.: BFF1

£19.00 *
 Original price £26.95
You save 29 %
In stock
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