Fires and Fireplaces

Fires and Fireplaces

No room is complete without a fireplace.

Here you will find a  fireplace for every location and a fire to put in it. From a basic undecorated Chimney breast to a beautiful period fireplace with a homely glowing fire.

We have a selection of quality bought-in fireplaces as well as our own handcrafted range plus all the fireside accessories to go with them.

Please note that our own fireplace and fires section is in the process of being updated and so has been temporarily removed. We apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Fireplace Accessories

Fireplace Accessories

A selection of fire side tools, accessories and neccessities to compliment the miniature dolls house fireplace setting.


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Fireplace 8

Product no.: GBFP8

£38.00 *
In stock

6 section Radiator Kit

Product no.: DH227a

In stock

Fire Guard with washing - long

Product no.: LBFGcl

£7.95 *
In stock

Metal Fireplace Canopy

Product no.: MFC

£4.99 *
In stock

Fireplace with Cooking Range

Product no.: GBFPR1

£45.00 *
In stock

Fire Guard with Washing - small

Product no.: LBFGcs

£4.95 *
In stock

Lit Georgian Coal Fire 1/24th

Product no.: R8

£29.95 *
In stock

Log Stack 2

Product no.: GBLst2

£2.95 *
In stock

Rustic Fireplace with Glowing Coal Fire

Product no.: GBFP2

£28.00 *
In stock

Grain of Wheat Bulb with 2 pin Plug

Product no.: 180a

£1.49 *
In stock

Fireguard with Washing - medium

Product no.: LBFGcm

£6.50 *
In stock
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