All manner of candle based miniatures. Mostly made from Polymer Clay. From plain unused candles to used melted candles and candles on stands and candle sticks


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Light Oak Candle Box with translucent Candles

Product no.: GBCBtc

£6.95 *
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Candle Stand (working)

Product no.: GBCSw1

£23.95 *
In stock

Light-able Melted Candle - translucent

Product no.: GBLC1

£4.95 *
In stock

12 White Candles

Product no.: LA23

£1.30 *
In stock

12 Red Candles

Product no.: LA23B

£1.80 *
In stock

Melting Candle

Product no.: GBMCas

£1.75 *
In stock

Triple Candle Stand

Product no.: GBTCSa

£8.95 *
In stock
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