Miscellaneous Items

Miscellaneous Items

Items that don't quite fit into other catagories. Contained in here at the moment are Shop front lettering, Ballustrades and Chimney Breasts. Please click on Catagory title to open this section

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Shop Front Lettering 1" high self adhesive

Product no.: CT105

£4.75 *
In stock

Finland (Reindeer) Moss - Olive Green

Product no.: RMOG

£1.00 *
In stock

Black Plastic Ornate Railing

Product no.: C71

£1.50 *
In stock

Brass Cherub Relief 2

Product no.: ABR2

£1.25 *
In stock

Decrastone Circular - large yellow

Product no.: DEC1a

£6.00 *
In stock

Black Metal Corner Post for Railings

Product no.: RAIL6

£3.00 *
 Original price £3.95
You save 24 %
In stock

Decrastone Circular - 60mm grey

Product no.: DEC2a

£4.50 *
In stock

Rainwater Set - white metal

Product no.: WRGS

£15.00 *
 Original price £35.50
You save 58 %
In stock

Decrastone Circular - 50mm green

Product no.: DEC3a

£3.50 *
In stock

Decrastone Circular - 45mm green

Product no.: DEC4b

£3.00 *
In stock

Brass Light Switch (non-working)

Product no.: DHEBLS

£0.25 *
In stock
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