A selection of 1/12th scale plastic, MDF, and wooden windows for the dolls house and other miniature projects.


Plastic Windows

Plastic Windows

A range of detailed 1:12 scale plastic window frames suitable for a variety of miniature projects


Wooden Windows

Wooden Windows

A range of quality, detailed 1:12 scale wood and MDF window frames suitable for the dolls house and other miniature projects


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Georgian 24 pane bow window

Product no.: JMB4

£4.10 *
In stock

Georgian 12 Pane Window

Product no.: WD33

£4.24 *
In stock

Georgian 15 Pane Window

Product no.: WD35

£5.35 *
In stock

Georgian 12 pane window with pediment

Product no.: JMB5

£3.45 *
In stock

Georgian 4 Pane Window

Product no.: WD92

£3.99 *
In stock

Georgian 12 pane window without pediment

Product no.: JMB6

£3.25 *
In stock

Georgian 9 Pane Window

Product no.: WD31

£3.50 *
In stock

Georgian 9 pane window

Product no.: JMB8

£3.00 *
In stock

Double Sash Window - Working

Product no.: WD4

£9.90 *
In stock

Large Victorian window

Product no.: JMB12

£4.20 *
In stock

Double Victorian Window - Working

Product no.: WD22

£13.95 *
In stock

Small Victorian window

Product no.: JMB13

£3.75 *
In stock

Victorian Window - Non Working

Product no.: WD20

£6.25 *
In stock

Colonial Working Sash Window

Product no.: DIY079

£8.95 *
In stock

Church Hymn Board

Product no.: GBHBd

£2.95 *
In stock
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