Drain Pipes and Gutters

Drain Pipes and Gutters

Drain Pipes and Gutters

Authentically detailed 1/12th scale rain water items for adding that touch of realism to your dolls house and other miniature projects.  Available in square or round section 

Please note that owing to photo qaulity issues, all the items in this section with the exception of the painted drain and drain surround are black in colour and not the colour the picture suggests.

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Bath/Sink Overflow Pipe

Product no.: V15

£1.10 *
In stock

Gutter Brackets Pk of 8

Product no.: V7

from £3.25 *
In stock

Gutter End Caps Pk of 2

Product no.: V4

from £1.65 *
In stock

Gutter Joints Pack of 4

Product no.: V6

from £1.45 *
In stock

Gutter to Downpipe Union

Product no.: V5

from £2.45 *
In stock

Double Branch

Product no.: V13

from £3.40 *
In stock

Gutter Corner

Product no.: V2

from £2.65 *
In stock

Obtuse Bends Pack of 2

Product no.: V10

from £2.80 *
In stock

3/4" Offset Bend

Product no.: V11

from £3.60 *
In stock

1/2" Offset Bend

Product no.: V11 .5

£3.39 *
In stock

Single Branch Downpipe

Product no.: V12

from £3.40 *
In stock
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