Links to Handcrafted Miniature Creations

Links to Handcrafted Miniature Creations

The following are links to other websites relating to the Dolls House and Miniature Hobby that you may find of interest.

As with all websites associated with this fascinating hobby, as well as the mainstay items, we all have something different to offer in the way of unique handcrafted miniature or special services, that are certain to appeal to such a diverse range of potential customers that this fascinating hobby attracts

Click on the links below to see what each site has to offer:-




Extract from Harlequins newsletter - May 2016

We have been busy since closing our Southbourne Shop last September, after 28 years trading there was lots to do. Also we have had some family commitments keeping us busy.  

We now have time to concentrate on our Website & will be adding items every week. So keep an eye out, as very soon we will be offering a special discount to celebrate our relaunch.

Harlequins Online now offers many Handmade pieces, lots exclusive to us, which include;

  • Beautiful Handcrafted Furniture & Little inlaid Boxes by Len White
  • Exquisite Hand modelled 12th scale Garden Birds, assorted Food (including Tudor), Beach accessories, Paintings etc by Jean Riggs
  • Precision made Beach Huts, Sheds, Stables, Sheperds Huts, Rabbit Hutches, Workbenches etc  by Dave Thorne
  • Authentically crafted from walnut & mahogony; Tudor style Furniture by Tom Burchmore
  • Unique Character Dolls, each one individually crafted in fimo & full of personality by Sue Emsell

We are also stocking a DIY Range to include; Hand & Electric Tools, Glues, Modelling materials etc

Shortly we will be adding Brass Tubing/Rod & Door Furniture

We are enlarging our range from these Quality Manufacturers;  Reutter Porzelain & Heidi Ott Furniture & Lighting

We hope you like the New Harlequins Website, please feel free to contact us:  as we have lots more

stock not yet listed.


We are now attending more Dolls House Fairs which will be posted on our Website ( next one is Weymouth, Sat 14 May 2016 )

Thank you to all our Customers past & present who have supported us,


Cindy, Betty & Nigel 




Beautifully handcrafted 1/12th scale miniatures of actual household items of bygone times.

These superb re-creations will add a touch of miniature magic to your period setting.



Quality Replica Miniature Foods and Kitchen Ware Individually Handmade for your Doll's House.



Produce quality British-made 1/12th scale miniatures for collectors with the accent on modern.  



1/12th scale handcrafted dolls house miniatures. Little pots of food and baskets of fruit,  old Victorian style food types, ranging from jam jars of fruit and veg in preservatives, to rabbits and pheasants on the chopping board plus cooking ranges, copper pots and pans.



1/12th scale reproductions of original fireplaces. An ideal focal point for every room in the dolls house



Home of realistic brick and stone finishes compound and stencils and much more!